Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In the Middle

It’s been a long time – two months and more. There were days I felt overwhelmed by the deluge of thoughts and there were days of blissful vacant meandering. Last evening in search of a recent article by Ajit Balakrishnan, I scoured the internet and chanced upon the convocation speech he had delivered at the Indian Institute of Management – Calcutta in April 2007. In his speech, he briefly talks about his experiences in Calcutta more than three decades back, the period of political unrest in West Bengal, the Naxalite uprising and his small role in the middle of the ongoing social battle. He said that it now all seemed so far away and quaint. As he found himself in the middle of social change and history in the making, I wonder if he realized the weight of the moment in Indian history.

Today, we live in far more tumultuous times. Moments we will undoubtedly recall as pivotal in Indian and world history – the deep financial and economic crisis; the historical presidential win of Barrack Obama and the ruthless terrorist attacks on the Indian soil. Still in our youthful years, we are the fortunate (!!) ones to walk this earth during these frenzied times with the ability to understand their impact and if God intends live to tell the tale in the coming decades.