Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My iGive page and a personal appeal!

It's so easy to get lost in the mediocrity of everyday life that we forget sometimes how lucky we are. A small stroke of luck has today brought us to this side of the viewing pane where we just see poverty and suffering as a phenomenon and not as a reality of life. Today as we stand on our own feet, independently taking decisions and occupy positions that have the potential to one day make a difference to the world - maybe it is also time to look beyond just those few moments of helplessness and guilt at viewing and hearing about suffering at close quarters. May be it is time to give back.

In addition to the cause of children and education that as many of you know remains very close to my heart, a compelling speech and the phenomenal work done by Prajwala has brought me to write today on a topic that unfailingly makes me passionate and helpless at the same time. And I believe that it would stir you in the same way. In Sunitha Krishnan’s own words I would like to sum up a cause that I would like to support and seek your help in supporting too.

“Every time I rescue a child or a young girl from prostitution, I die a thousand deaths, reliving what these innocent souls have lost.. helplessly wondering how much could be regained... reaffirming my own conviction that as long as I live I will fight.

We at Prajwala in our own small way are fighting this battle against sex trafficking. We need all your support to create a support system where victims can regain their dignity, their hope in humanity. - Sunitha Krishnan”

I also encourage you to view Sunitha Krishnan’s speech at TED India -

Here is the link to my iGive page - http://www.giveindia.org/give/pledgepage/PrajwalaWomen

From here you can contribute any amount you wish to supporting my cause. From my everyday life in India and seeing people struggle to save even what we would consider the most insignificant amount of money, I sincerely believe that no sum is too small. And that is why my minimum contribution limit is set at Rs. 100 ($2). Well, let go of your latte today and bring smile to some women.