Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My first post this year!

A long time again… and what better way to start again than an update post. It's unbelievable that it's been more than 3 months and everyday I've been thinking - Oh, it's been sometime -I shall write soon! Till this morning P came around and reminded me that the last time I wrote something here was 'December 10'! I mean seriously, so many many things have happened since then.

Late December we took this wonderful trip to Goa for M's birthday. Absolutely amazing! Have I mentioned before that I have this childhood morbid vision of Goa being a horrible, drug-laced and alcoholic capital of India. I resisted all attempts to plan a vacation there and that's where we ended up… and had loads and loads of fun.

New Year's Eve took off with a quiet celebration at a friend's place amid a game of Taboo and some wine. And on the contrary since then it's been one bumpy ride. Work took off at breakneck speed and is only now starting to show some signs of subsiding to normality.

On those numerous work trips to Delhi, I managed to catch a late-evening glimpse of the India Gate. Yes I have never seen India Gate before and work did not offer any solace to take sight-seeing trips around the capital. But coming back to India Gate - Do you remember that feeling of being confronted with an absolutely stunning sight when you're alone, not being able to scream or tell someone about it, not even a camera at hand to capture the marvel and you're just stunned and all you can do is try not to blink? It reminds me of the scene in the movie 'The Namesake' with Ashoke Ganguli (Irfan Khan) and his little son Gogul at the seaside and the father suggesting the son capture the scene in his head since the camera was missing. One moment I was sleepy eyed inside the cab after a long day and the next moment I'm greeted with this marvel all lit up and standing majestic.

In other news, I have added some pounds to my already not-so-burly, slightly heavy but ok for my height and curvy image… yeah ok I've put on some weight. And I'm in no hurry to lose them yet.