Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Job Application...

Hmmmm I wrote this inspiring long job application to a start-up. Not inspiring enough I guess - I didn't get the job but they've asked me to wait till they start hiring again. :(

Hi Awesomeness!! (sounds corny I know, but really you guys are AWESOME!! Else why on earth would I - a sleep deprived working mom of an eight month old be writing this crazy mail at 4 in the morning?)

I google all the time, for everything, for anything. Google apparently has this ticker at its office - a scroll of current searches from across the world. I am pretty sure that during the time I am awake a new search of mine appears on it every 10 minutes at least. That's also how I got to you in the first place and it helped that I saw your "product" at one of my friend's place.

Well where do I start with my story - it's an oft repeated one. Reluctantly working in a MEANINGLESS CORPORATE JOB in a consulting firm. I could explain exactly what I do using all the jargon I throw at people everyday. But this mail is from my heart - my first step in hopefully a series of revolutionary (...for me, but could be kinder garden stuff for most clear-headed adults) decisions that I plan to make over the next few months. So jargon - please put your hands down.

I'll come to the point - I absolutely love what you guys are doing - the ideas, the creativity, the focused passion and simply put - I want to be a part of it. Even simply put - I beg to be a part of it. Even if it's a teeny-weeny-tiny part to start off. I can help in a number of ways - marketing, market research, coordinating, designing, accounting, technology (yeah I can do more than googling) and oh... tea-making too (I know how important tea is for start-ups)! I would send you my resume but it wouldn't have any of these things in it. I haven't done it before - hmmm... well not really, may be in a way I have. Business development, Project Management, Execution, Quantitative Analysis, Client Management - ok I promised No Jargon!

But more important that all of that - I have a creative fire inside me (arghhhh I know - the corniness again) But right now it's just a weak flame that I'm sure will be completely extinguished if I stay any more at this consulting thingie and I need to revive it by doing something meaningful and something I'm passionate about.

I'm from Bangalore and I stay in "location" (close by from "location") and I have my own laptop and I can bring my own lunch and I can travel locally and I'm willing to become a fan of Star Wars and I plan to put in my papers next week.

So where can I start? :)

Late and latest!

One Year... one whole year!

I thought things would have changed. Hmmm... may be yes may be not. But I do hope things have changed - for the better. What fun is it to be the same; to have the same life?

I am a mommy now. No this is not going to become a mommy blog. Well there I've said it, we can forget about it now. But I have become more intelligent after the shot at dumbness during my pregnancy. Seriously. My TQ (thinking quotient) took an exponential dive through the nine and half months. But all is ok now. It took sometime to recover.

In a very intelligent move I have quit my 'oh-so-cool' consulting job. In another month, once I've served my notice period, I plan to take up my new role of homemaker-freelancer-artist very seriously. Some of my friends thought I was going to the grave as a long standing employee of my current employer. Bun on your face.