Thursday, August 4, 2011

Late and latest!

One Year... one whole year!

I thought things would have changed. Hmmm... may be yes may be not. But I do hope things have changed - for the better. What fun is it to be the same; to have the same life?

I am a mommy now. No this is not going to become a mommy blog. Well there I've said it, we can forget about it now. But I have become more intelligent after the shot at dumbness during my pregnancy. Seriously. My TQ (thinking quotient) took an exponential dive through the nine and half months. But all is ok now. It took sometime to recover.

In a very intelligent move I have quit my 'oh-so-cool' consulting job. In another month, once I've served my notice period, I plan to take up my new role of homemaker-freelancer-artist very seriously. Some of my friends thought I was going to the grave as a long standing employee of my current employer. Bun on your face.

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