Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Job Application...

Hmmmm I wrote this inspiring long job application to a start-up. Not inspiring enough I guess - I didn't get the job but they've asked me to wait till they start hiring again. :(

Hi Awesomeness!! (sounds corny I know, but really you guys are AWESOME!! Else why on earth would I - a sleep deprived working mom of an eight month old be writing this crazy mail at 4 in the morning?)

I google all the time, for everything, for anything. Google apparently has this ticker at its office - a scroll of current searches from across the world. I am pretty sure that during the time I am awake a new search of mine appears on it every 10 minutes at least. That's also how I got to you in the first place and it helped that I saw your "product" at one of my friend's place.

Well where do I start with my story - it's an oft repeated one. Reluctantly working in a MEANINGLESS CORPORATE JOB in a consulting firm. I could explain exactly what I do using all the jargon I throw at people everyday. But this mail is from my heart - my first step in hopefully a series of revolutionary (...for me, but could be kinder garden stuff for most clear-headed adults) decisions that I plan to make over the next few months. So jargon - please put your hands down.

I'll come to the point - I absolutely love what you guys are doing - the ideas, the creativity, the focused passion and simply put - I want to be a part of it. Even simply put - I beg to be a part of it. Even if it's a teeny-weeny-tiny part to start off. I can help in a number of ways - marketing, market research, coordinating, designing, accounting, technology (yeah I can do more than googling) and oh... tea-making too (I know how important tea is for start-ups)! I would send you my resume but it wouldn't have any of these things in it. I haven't done it before - hmmm... well not really, may be in a way I have. Business development, Project Management, Execution, Quantitative Analysis, Client Management - ok I promised No Jargon!

But more important that all of that - I have a creative fire inside me (arghhhh I know - the corniness again) But right now it's just a weak flame that I'm sure will be completely extinguished if I stay any more at this consulting thingie and I need to revive it by doing something meaningful and something I'm passionate about.

I'm from Bangalore and I stay in "location" (close by from "location") and I have my own laptop and I can bring my own lunch and I can travel locally and I'm willing to become a fan of Star Wars and I plan to put in my papers next week.

So where can I start? :)

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