Thursday, September 4, 2008

Soul salvations

From time to time, whether work is piling or not, whether you are married or not, whether you have errands to run or not – a girl needs to let her hair down, watch marathon reruns of FRIENDS, go out with girl friends, do some sinful shopping, down a martini, talk and giggle incessantly, knife a chicken, shake a hip and cuss the DJ. That’s exactly what I did last night and for the first time in a good number of months.

With the men nowhere around, shopping once more turned out therapeutic rather than a rushed affair. I had almost forgotten the existence of the trial room runway and the fun in window shopping. We talked like we hadn’t spoken in a century. After a long time Indian politics, world affairs, sports, sports and sports took a back seat and we talked about things so trivial that I can’t even remember what we talked about all day!

End of this week I’m back to good ol’ Hyderabad, back to my work table, back to my favorite window and back to World Movies.


popsie said...

Absolutely, spot on! I can't agree more with you!:-)Njoiiiii

Btw nice blog template and blog(like your blog on personal finance too). Btw how did you manage this template? Need some gyan!

Anonymous said...

When is it going to be out turn?