Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why are we oblivious?

Another drive; from one end of this city to another. Always in a rush as if in a race. Honk; gain an inch; stare; honk; huddle; creep; quick; accelerate; honk; brake; it’s like we all know the purpose, the destination; it’s like we’re always late. How we hurry through the day; eating without tasting, looking without noticing, hearing without listening… In such a hurry to burn the candle, in such a hurry to reach the end.

Sometimes we need to stop, need to look around… notice that man pulling the heavy cart, notice that plastic cover thrown carelessly, notice that cringe on your colleague’s face, notice the kid crying on the footpath, notice the light bulb that wastefully burns, notice that old woman trying to cross the road, notice that chap who fell off his bike, notice the motorist riding down the wrong direction, notice the shop-keeper cheating a foreigner, notice that overflowing tap… notice how much we contribute to this chaos, how much it is our own doing.

In other words, why do we react this way… more appropriately… why do we refuse to react? Why don’t we find a way to change? Why are we afraid of change? Why can’t we change the world within our reach?


Poornima said...

u read her blog too? 'ageless bonding' i mean. and welcome back! a post after a long time :-)

Arthi Madhusudhan said...

I do! But then I must have picked it up from your blogroll itself :)