Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two Questions

Amongst all the other important things such as height, weight, grammar quotient, IQ, rock music quotient, taxable income, etc. there are two other things that you shouldn’t forget to check before getting married, especially if it’s an arranged marriage situation. Dogs! Seriously, it’s a simple question. Do you like dogs? But don’t forget it. Imagine being a crazy dog lover and living with someone who jumps at the mention of the word puppy! Or worse still – vice versa! Imagine freezing in your tracks on seeing a dog and seeing him smiling, trying to draw it closer and patting it with the same hand that he's going to wrap around you in a minute.

Talking of dogs and puppies, a Chihuahua that looked much smaller than my sister’s bedside stuffed dog once barked and jumped at me. The audacity, I tell you! What was it thinking? One push with my right foot and I could have subdued it like Vamana’s foot on King Bali! Well, that’s how angry I get thinking about the incident. Of course, it didn’t help that I jumped and screamed and almost knocked down an elderly couple and amused many more including M. Oh, he’s not very enterprising either. That’s for another day.

Coming back, fortunately we didn’t forget that question and it helped. The second one is equally important. What kind of TV series do you watch? Are you the 500+ mega-episode-saas-bahu-ghar-ghar-ki-kahani types, the bitchy gossipy splitsvilla-roadies reality show junkie types or the ever knowledge-craving vicariously living through animal planet-national geographic-discovery channel type? Or like we discovered - the crazy about detective stories types. Our latest obsession is 'Castle'. We are soooo over Bones and 'shake things up'. Monk and his obsessiveness still hovers in the background. And it's so comforting that we don't have to fight over the remote after a long day's work. Nonetheless, the ad-breaks still leave enough room for the 'you are so selfish', 'fine, do whatever you want' arguments usually culminating in 'change now!'


suki said...


Good to see you here after a looong break.

And a very sweet post. enjoyed reading it.


Arth said...

Hey Siva... thanks! I know, hoping to stick around a lot more...