Monday, June 23, 2008

Mundane monday?

I wish for a mundane day. Like a day that just cruises by. No surprises. No procrastination. Just like that. A day that requires no planning, no juggling, no confusions, no crisis management. A day where my mobile phone is not disconnected because I exceeded the credit limit. Clients don’t scream because mails are bouncing. Hubby doesn’t throw last minute lunch plans. The milk doesn’t boil over. Maid doesn’t demand for more money. Boss hasn’t changed her mind since our discussion last night. Mom won’t provide advice. Network doesn’t act up. I don’t forget things on my shopping list. The courier doesn’t go missing. Dad stops asking about Form 16. The color doesn’t run off my new T-Shirt. I don’t have to curse on the road. Client doesn’t demand a report right away. My checking account doesn’t fall short of cash. The beautician doesn’t nip my brow. I’m not asked to travel within a day’s notice. My neighbor doesn’t annoy me. My i-pod won’t hang. The onions don’t get burned up. My data won’t go pufffffhhhhh. Tele-marketers won’t call. I don’t find a lizard in the bathroom. The fat won’t pile on. The AC won’t breakdown. I don’t have to fight with auto-drivers. I don’t forget birthdays.

You get me? Just a normal day…


Princess Fiona said...

too much mention of client...sigghhhh..when did they start ruling our lives :(
but i hear u babe...minus the hubby part ;)

Poornima said...

scary, how many of us want the same things! i get you all right... option 5: strongly agree