Thursday, July 3, 2008

Still not changed the channel...

After I wrote here about how the media is sensationalizing news and our entertainment quotient, I found two more articles. Here's what 'The Maanga' has to say and through his website I chanced upon Sevanti Ninan's article. To the avid readers of Hindu's Sunday Magazine, Sevanti Ninan is no stranger. Here are some excerpts from her article on how news channels are literally selling crime. This might seem funny, but the irony is that it's true...

  • Times Now tracking her calls from cell phone call records leaked to them. Run numbers and times on the screen of who called Aarushi when, whom she called when.
  • NDTV showing a video of the dead girl doing normal things when she was alive.(No seriously... the clipping included the girl going swimming with her family, in a birthday party, at a school function... etc... all played over and over again!!)
  • Zee News informing us that this is the day when the CBI’s remand over Krishna ended. So? So nothing, just reminding you, that’s the news.
  • Cyrus Broacha being funny on CNN IBN: “The CBI is looking for a khukri. Why look for a khukri when you already have a Talwar?”
  • Aaj Tak showing two presenters going around a flat which they said was exactly similar to the Talwars’ and was in the same complex. They show us the location of Arushi’s room and her parent’s room and Hemraj’s room. There is a model lying on the bed in Aarushi’s “room” placed exactly like it reportedly was, and there are blood stains on the door. (They kept saying this was reconstructed from CBI information) Then build a case for the fact that there was no way her parents could not have heard noises, despite the AC. Ergo, the Talwars’ testimony is fishy.
  • India TV’s amateur sleuthing: Krishna is lying when he says he flushed the khukri down the toilet. But look, we’ll show you how 10 minutes of repeated flushing does not flush a khukri! So a potty was there for 10 minutes on the TV screen, sometimes in the foreground, sometimes in the background, flushing away.

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Balu said...

Thankfully Sevanti Ninan runs a media watchdog.. mostly the ethical guys...

She pointed me the below site in one of her email responses to my comment

news is now synonymous with entertainment !