Saturday, July 5, 2008

Revisiting Hot Chocolate

I brought down my old blog a few days back. As I was going through the posts one last time before deleting it, there was this piece that caught my attention. It's one of my favorites and I decided to publish it again. I wrote it about a year and a half back when M was away in Japan and it was so difficult for us to catch up even once a day. Today again, he slogs away at B-School and it still is a Herculean task catching up once a day.

My Hot Chocolate

Eyes closed
Cupped hands
Holding a mug
Every sip
Like the taste of new life
Strings of thought
Whispering secrets
Honest promises
Held close
Unmindful smiles
A lingering feeling
Hazy dreams
Ethereal spaces
An oblivion self

A slight cringe
Loud sneeze
The rude awakening
Abundant work
And a preoccupied mind
The chilly air
A fading illusion
Bleary eyes
Haunting silences
Emerging voices
Quiet eagerness
Long hours of wait
Four thousand miles
Above all – an empty mug

1 comment:

ananya! said...

You know what? I had saved this poem of yours too!! ;)